Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So I'm starting fractions this week.

Today, I just had them in groups of 4 and gave them 5 cookies to share.  There was one table that imedietly knew what to do and they gave each person 1 cookie and broke the other cookie into 4 equal parts.  One group just left the one cookie in the middle and didn't know what to do.  One group took a while getting started but were talking about what they should do.  I think they were afraid to break the cookie.  :)  After I walked around and they talked about what they did, we ate our cookies and listened to the book, "The doorbell Rang."  

Tomorrow I'm going to read Eating Fractions (I have this book and another book about eating fractions) and get more into fractions and part to whole.  

I printed out these pizza fractions and am going to play a "find your pizza partners" game where students are given 1 piece of the pizza and have to build their pizza.  We'll then talk about how many pieces are in your pizza as a whole and how big a part of the pizza they are.  I'll throw this in a center next week where they can make the pizzas and explore different ways to make a whole pizza.

What have you done with fractions? 

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