Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Room

I took pictures before school started of my classroom.  I had to move rooms (and grades) this year and decided to go with a jungle theme.  My room isn't perfect and it isn't the most organized classroom out there for sure.  Here are just a few pictures of my classroom.  :)
Here is what you see right when you walk in the door.  It has been changed to store my behavior management system now.  What you would see was a pocket for every student.  In each pocket the students have bananas.  They start each day with a yummy yellow banana.  If they mis-behave their banana turns to brown and then again to black.  If they let their banana rot, they are sent to the office.  :)  I like it.  I'm not great at keeping up with it consistently but I like it.  

Here is my word wall.  I used leopard duct tape to separate the sections.  I LOVE IT!  :)

Here is the front carpet area of my room... This has been changed a bit too.  My carpet area is now in the middle of my room facing my promethean board.

Here is a reward system I came up with.  If a student is caught making good choices, they get to write their name on a ticket and I randomly throughout the day, pull names out for prizes.

Posters I have hanging behind my teacher desk area.

 My vines on the back wall.  Thanks to our special Ed teacher for helping me make the vines at the begining of the year (they've stayed up all year).

MY FAVORITE!  Here are my jobs.  At the beginning of the year, each student had a picture of an animal next to their name.  I have 5 groups and each group had all the animals (hope that makes sense).  They jobs would rotate weekly.  Now, I just have sticks with students numbers on them and they are responsible for that job during the week.  This is my favorite board! Leave me a comment if you would like me to upload the PDF for the jobs and I'll find them and post them.

So, that's my room.  I need to take more pictures of other areas of the room (when I get the room back to clean).  :)


  1. Your room looks great! I am currently off-track (vacation), but when I go back I will be having Open House. I was thinking of a jungle theme. I will be stealing some of your cute ideas.

    Mrs. Ibarra
    Always First Grade

  2. I am LOVING your room! :) Mine is jungle/monkey theme so I really love the leopard duct tape and your pillows. And I really like the rotten banana idea. My team already had something in place when I got there so I wasn't able to make my own, but I am definitely going to keep this in mind for next year. Thanks! :)

    Mrs. Thompson
    Adventures In Teaching

  3. I love your room! Waaaay cute! And I would love to see your jobs too!

  4. I love your room! Where did you get the alphabet cards that are on top of your whiteboard? Did you make them?