Wednesday, March 16, 2011

St. Patrick's day is tomorrow!

I am so excited about St. Patrick's day tomorrow!  I have never gotten into it like I have been this year.

Last week we made a trap to catch a leprechaun.  The kids wrote about how they would catch a leprechaun.  They are so excited to see if our leprechaun will fall in the trap.

So I made a little note to the class from the leprechaun (in tiny font that we'll have to use a magnifying glass to read).  I made little shoes (dollar store doll shoes) and colored them black.  I also found green shoes.  I wrote a letter to the class from our leprechaun saying that he fell into the trap but his brother came and helped him out and on their way out they lost their shoes and hats.  So the kids are going to go on a little hunt around the class to find the shoes and hats.  :)  When they do I'm going to give them the gold the leprechauns said they would give them for finding their stuff (chocolate gold coins and a tiny thank you note).  SO MUCH FUN!

I am also about to start making rainbow cupcakes for them to eat tomorrow with cloud icing.  :)

What are your plans for tomorrow?  Did you do much with St. Patrick's day?

Happy St. Patrick's day to ye!  :P


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day in store for your students. We are out for spring break, so we will miss this one. Enjoy

  2. I have been up since 2 trying to find some cute ideas since i couldn't sleep. I will do the old lucky charms graphing, write a letter to a person that you are 'lucky' to know, roll a leprechaun game, make a list of all things green and maybe a writing peice on what food I hate or love thats green. i am also going to put green food coloring in the toilet. This is my first year in second grade in third grade we dont' really do anything.
    Next year I am stealing your cupcake idea!